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Hickling Consulting can help you to reduce time to analyse data, and increase the depth of analysis – enabling your consultants to spend more time with the client

Data Analysis Services

Working with the client to identify and extract the data

Review current performance measures and data quality

Data analysis, along with identification of issues & recommendations

Visualisation of the data – either in report format, presentation or using data visualisation tools

Dashboard and reporting support during the implementation phase of the project


Financial benefit support

Financial review with the client and signing off the benefits case – including outcomes based commercial agreements

Set up of base and evaluation method with the client and project team

Support during the project for benefits measurement and tracking

Data Modelling

Capacity modelling – To support analysis of change in volume, product moves or impact of efficiency improvements

Cost to serve – Modelling of the supply chain to improve the understanding of the cost to serve customers through different channels

Financial modelling – Working with the client to develop financial hypothesis and then development of the financial model to demonstrate the impact

Footprint modelling – Modelling of production and warehousing facilities to optimise performance and enable analysis of investment / divestment scenarios


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